This is a poem that I just created few days ago. Hope you like it. Note: Plagiarism is a crime. Tip: You can go over Youtube and play Yiruma’s kiss the rain. The instrumental one to add more feels. Here it goes:

As the season started to come

My feelings haven’t fade yet

Why does it have to be you

Who only broke me into pieces

Am i not worthy enough.?

Why does it have to be this painful.?

Are you happy with your life

Even if i’m not on your side

Love is really strange, isn’t it.?

It comes into an expected way

Just like a snow in mid-summer

Just like how you come into my life

How happy those days have been

Full of vows, love and promises

Promises are meant to be broken, though

But it seems my heart’s still holding on

How joyful those days we’ve been through

Days were filled with smiles and laughter

Truth is happiness does stops awhile

Lips were cracked and smiles were stopped

How many days do i need to spend

Just by remembering those memories that’s shared

How painful this situation for me is

Still loving someone who doesn’t love me anymore

Here I am staring at the windows

As the raindrops slide past those shields

How grateful am I to have this rain

Who’s gonna join me in my grief

I continued to watch as my eyes went.wet

I can’t carry it anymore, no holding back

Since i’m all alone and no ones gonna watch me

Why don’t i cry all of this, right.?!

I learned something from that day

That in this world nothing is fair

And love is not all about happiness

Cause loves gonna make you laugh and cry